Customer Loyalty

Modern customers face a wide array of purchasing options, and so having your customers identify with your brand is essential. Satisfied customers are ambassadors for their suppliers of choice, and customer loyalty programmes allow you to reward such engagement – as well as simultaneously increasing the number of your most valuable customers, how often they visit, and how much they spend. Customer loyalty programmes benefit from strong attention-grabbing properties as they build on the marketing strength (flyers etc.) of an established trading partner. They are simple to understand, simple to implement, and in their finite nature create verifiable positive effects on purchase volumes and frequencies.

Customer loyalty programmes’ effects


Programme types


Loyalty point programme

Loyalty point programmes distinguish your firm from its competitors through attractive bonuses and brands – establishing yourself in your customers’ minds and benefiting from positive association with illustrious and innovative brand partners. High-value rewards from leading manufacturers and associated discounts create a unique purchasing experience for your customers and secure their long-term attention and loyalty. The finite nature of these PoS marketing campaigns (generally 16-18 weeks) allows the branded goods industry to benefit from up and cross-selling opportunities at retail points as well as, during the campaign period, from a significant boost to brand awareness with positive subsequent effects.

Direct reward programme

Direct reward programmes have particular impact on occasional buyers and families with children, with loyalty to a particular firm increasing during the campaign period (generally 8 weeks) and customers increasing the amount spent per purchase as a result. Children have an important role as multipliers here, as often the entire family and even neighbours will be encouraged to collect rewards. PoS exchange platforms combined with social media can complete a direct reward programme and create a powerful campaign concept with broad range.

Programme comparison


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